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The Philadelphia Eagles' nightmare start is the subject of the newest clip from the Taiwanese "news" service, Next Media Animation, the genius minds behind the Tiger Woods video and various other recreations of scandalous, controversial and amusing news stories from the past two years.

Were they more intrigued by the Eagles' 1-4 start or the opportunity to make jokes about the fact that backup quarterback Mike Kafka(notes) shares the same last name as the writer of "The Metamorphosis"? Decide for yourself, and follow along with our running commentary below:

0:05 -- For a billionaire, Jeffery Lurie has a pretty crappy bedroom.

0:10 -- Just like in "The Metamorphosis," Lurie awakes to find himself turned into an unshaven, portly Eagles fan

0:15 -- When Andy Reid goes to the grocery store, I highly doubt he's only pulling three things off the shelf.

0:22 -- Why is dream-world Jeffrey Lurie giving the check to Michael Vick(notes)? Is it meant to represent the discord of harmony between Lurie's mind and outward appearance or a commentary on the psychological impact of making a metamorphosis? Also, why is Vick in his jersey for this presentation?

0:27 -- That's a little unfair to show Asomugha whiffing on a Falcons player. Asante Samuel(notes) would have been a far better choice.

0:31 -- Who's metamorphosis is the truck? Michael Turner(notes)? Matt Ryan(notes)? T.J. Duckett(notes)? Or every opponent of the Eagles?

0:38 -- The offensive line's protection of the cockroach is the most accurate part of the clip.

0:44 -- If Andy Reid were Pinocchio, he'd probably have wasted all his timeouts before becoming a real boy.

0:49 -- This should become the new rally squirrel for all other NFC fan bases:

Eagles’ slow start is subject of Taiwanese news animation

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