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It warms my heart when people from different areas of the country can come together, share a competitive experience, and part ways with a sense of brotherhood and love. So I was pleased to read that after their successful trip into Philadelphia on Sunday, the Redskins had just the nicest things to say about Eagles fans.

The Washington Post's Dan Steinberg passes along some of the compliments that Redskins players had on Eagles fans and their class, refinement, and ability to pelt a team bus with eggs.

"It was crazy, though, because the egg was actually thrown in front of the bus," [wide receiver Malcom] Kelly said. "It was like a quarterback almost; you throw it to where the receiver's gonna be at. I was very impressed."

"Very impressed," [wide receiver Devin] Thomas agreed. "If they ever had a replacement [team] in Philly, they'd have to get that dude for quarterback, because he hit that thing on point."

And that's not all! Some of the older Philadelphia women were nice enough to show the Redskins their bare old lady tailpipes.

"Grandma's mooning you," Jon Jansen said.

"Oh yeah, definitely," [center Casey] Rabach said.

"I've had some old ladies moon us, oh yeah," Jansen said.

"It's hard to tell from the backside, to tell you the truth," Rabach said.

"Oh, you can tell," Jansen said. "When it's an old lady, you can tell."

Don't ever let anyone tell you that you aren't good at anything, people of Philadelphia. Your egging and old lady can have earned national attention. You're all your own very special versions of Rocky, only you don't knock people out with your fists, you use eggs and wrinkled buttock flesh.

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