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I don't think there's anyone who would disagree that the Detroit Lions need a lot of help. A lot of help. But going to the lengths of suggesting that Michael Vick could save the franchise ... are they in that much trouble? Is it possible to be in that much trouble?

NFL Network analyst Jamie Dukes says Vick is the answer. He recommends the Lions set their sights on Vick as soon as they legally can, and here are his three major reasons:

• Rest assured the Lions would have one of the top three running games in the NFL next season with Vick under center.
• Vick would help the defense because of ball control and his unusual propensity to keep the chains moving.
• Most importantly for the Lions, Vick is “recession-proof” — he would sell out Ford Field.

I don't know about those reasons. There's still a weak offensive line there, so I don't know what makes him that confident about the running game. And when we're calling a guy who's been making 12 cents an hour washing the heavily-soiled whites of Stabface McAllister "recession-proof," I'm not sure we're talking about the most sound financial strategy in the world.

But that's not to say that there are no positives for the Lions being Vick's next home.

One, whoever signs Vick faces a big public backlash. If it turns out that it's the Lions, though ... well, who could hate the Lions? You can't hate the Lions. That's like watching a newborn baby fight Rampage Jackson and rooting for Rampage.

Also, redemption needs redemption. Vick can find his way back to a normal life while Detroit finds its way back to being a normal NFL franchise. It would be kind of like Kelly Leak joining the Bad News Bears, or Levander "Bird" Williams joining coach Molly McGrath's Wildcats. A team's in trouble, and there's a talented, but wayward soul out there who can help. People helping people. Makes me feel good.

Who knows if or when Vick will be playing, but there's obviously some upside. He can help them at quarterback, he'll come cheap, and he would allow them to use the first overall draft pick on a stud lineman instead of a quarterback.

There's always a downside when taking such a risk, but if you're the Lions, the upside might just be worth it.

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