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Donovan McNabb's bad week just got worse as the embattled Eagles quarterback was benched by Andy Reid after making three first-half turnovers in an important game against the Ravens. McNabb, who had turned the ball over seven times in his last six quarters and was just 8-18 for 59 yards in the first half of this game, was replaced by former second-round pick Kevin Kolb with the Eagles down 10-7.

McNabb didn't appear to come out for the first part of the second half but emerged on the Eagles sideline early in the third quarter wearing a hooded parka and pacing down the field away from Andy Reid. Maybe he was late to the field because he was unaware that benched quarterbacks were allowed to return to the field.

With McNabb carrying a $10 million salary cap number for next season and owed no guaranteed money by the Eagles, there's a chance that we've seen the last of him in an Eagles uniform. But with the Eagles still in the playoff hunt and a quarterback who had thrown nine NFL passes coming into today, expect to see Donovan back on the field at some point. Next year, however, it's growing increasingly likely that McNabb and the Eagles will part ways.

Update: Kolb threw two interceptions in the second half, one of which was returned the length of the field by Ed Reed for a touchdown. 

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