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Victor Cruz had musical accompaniment during his salsa touchdown dance on Sunday night. While the New York Giants receiver was celebrating his 74-yard TD against the Dallas Cowboys with his patented dance routine, NBC appeared to play a brief snippet of salsa music over the game audio.

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And nearby in his Park Avenue office, Roger Goodell began crafting the language for a $50,000 fine for premeditated celebration.

Some will surely fret about this egregious crossover of football and entertainment but why? Football is entertainment. There are artificial score boxes, first-down lines and graphics, so why not some musical interludes after big plays? Have you watched a full NBA game in the past five years? Neither have I, but the brief snippets I do watch feature so much music during points it's easy to think you're watching a televised Bar Mitzvah instead of Heat-Lakers.

Plus, think of all the fun TV producers could have with song choices:

Tim Tebow -- "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows"

• Bill Belichick -- "The Imperial March"

• Romeo Crennel -- "Let's Get It On"

Mark Sanchez -- "What's New Pussycat"

• Rex Ryan -- "Your Feet's Too Big"

Sam Hurd -- "Push It To The Limit"

• Norv Turner and Andy Reid in final two minutes of halves -- "Bag of Rags"

John Kasay -- "Hard Out Here For a Pimp"

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