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Dez Bryant is now living life on the straight and narrowDallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant(notes) has successfully kept himself out of the headlines for the last few months. For most guys, that might not seem like a major accomplishment, but for Dez, it's progress.

There was the incident with the low-hanging pants at a mall, where maybe he didn't do anything terribly wrong, but probably could've handled the whole thing better. There was also the thing about his failure to pay for an absurd amount of jewelry.

But all that's behind him now, said Dez to the Cowboys official website. Sort of.

"I don't think it was the choices," Bryant said. "I think it was my surroundings. I feel like I fixed that, and I'm headed on the straight and narrow path. I don't need to get into details. Everything is done, I like how it's going and my life is on straight."

That's good. I'm happy he feels that way, and by more accounts than his own, he's doing things well. Veteran teammate Jason Witten is excited about the year Dez could have.

I would like to see a little more of Dez taking responsibility here, though. It wasn't the choices you made? Yeah, it kind of was the choices you made. If you're going to change, you've got to accept that. I'm sure surroundings played a part -- they always do, for everyone -- but your choices matter, too.

It kind of reminds me of what he said after the whole mall/pants incident. It wasn't his fault, it was somebody else in trouble, etc.

But I guess that doesn't matter if he's going to keep his head down, stay out of trouble, and be the dynamic superstar he's capable of being. The best way to prove that he's changed is to go out and catch 85 balls for 1,300 yards this season.

Gracias, Larry Brown Sports.

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