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For the first time in a decade, the Detroit Lions are going to play in a nationally-televised primetime game. Matthew Stafford(notes), Calvin Johnson(notes) and friends get the "this guy" treatment from Jon Gruden on October 10th, as they host the Bears in ESPN's Week Five Monday Night Football contest.

Here's a sampling of the Twitter response:

It was indeed 35-0, as somehow, Marty Morninwheg wasn't able to lead a QB combo of Ty Detmer and Charlie Batch(notes) to victory. The opposing Rams, including Kurt Warner(notes), Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce(notes) and Torry Holt(notes) were just a liiiiiiiittle bit more talented.

Of course, this being Detroit the news isn't without a downside. First, the obvious:

Also, it probably means that Matt Millen would be back in Detroit, if he's still part of ESPN's traveling "studio crew" that broadcasts live from Monday Night games. That just seems unfair. If Canada can make it difficult for Michael Vick to go to Toronto, there ought to be some kind of law allowing Detroit to keep Matt Millen out.

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