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As if serving as the head coach for a 0-15 team wasn't bad enough, now Lions coach Rod Marinelli has to deal with smart-aleck questions from newspaper columnists. After his team's 42-7 drubbing Sunday at the hands of the New Orleans Saints, Rod Marinelli was taking questions about the woeful state of his team's defense, which is led by Marinelli's son-in-law, Joe Barry. This led to the following exchange:

That's Detroit News columnist Rob Parker asking Marinelli, "On a light note, seriously, do you wish your daughter had married a better defensive coordinator?"

You stay classy, Rob Parker. I'm all for questioning coaching nepotism, but it has to be done with legitimate questions, not queries that are asked with the sole purpose of mocking.

The guys on FOX tee off on Parker (whose bio says he "is a sports columnist for the Detoit [sic] News"), with Terry Bradshaw calling him "a flat idiot" and Michael Strahan calling for his termination. Howie Long gets it right by saying that Marinelli's coaching deserves to be questioned, but not in such a flippant, disrespectful manner.

My main problem with the question is that Parker brings Marinelli's daughter into the discussion. There were many better and more clever ways to rip on Joe Barry without having to resort to take the family route. Parker is lucky Marinelli didn't come off the podium and give him the business. The Lions coach might be 59-years old, but I'm guessing the Vietnam veteran still has plenty of fight left in him and, after watching that game, plenty of pent-up aggression.

Video thanks: Awful Announcing

Update: Some of our commenters note that Parker was caught earlier this year making up stories about Michigan State football players.

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