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According to Jay Glazer of, who's as consistently right as any of the NFL rumormongers out there, the San Francisco 49ers and first-round receiver Michael Crabtree(notes) have finally agreed to terms on a six-year deal. As we recently wrote, the hints put out there by Deion Sanders on NFL Network last Sunday night had us believing that the deal was close to done.

Crabtree lit it up at Texas Tech under head coach Mike Leach(notes) and his greased-up spread offense, and he was thought to be a top-five talent before a foot injury prevented him from participating in drills at the 2009 scouting combine. He was the second receiver drafted in 2009, 10th overall after the Raiders took Maryland's Darrius Heyward-Bey(notes) seventh. Crabtree and agent Eugene Parker insisted on the money that a higher pick would have received, and the Niners were not impressed. Thus began the longest holdout of the season. But while Crabtree cooled his heels, his NFL team cruised to a 3-1 record (one Brett Favre(notes) TD pass from 4-0), and the receiver came closer and closer to the November 17 deadline that would have prevented him from playing at all this year if he didn't sign.

Glazer reports that the six-year deal has a voidable final year if Crabtree has two "very good years" in the first four, but he's at a disadvantage in his first season. Now, he has to learn San Francisco's offense and get on the same page with quarterback Shaun Hill(notes). Time to get to work, rookie ... now the fun begins.

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