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Deep Posts: Stevie Johnson has apologized to Plaxico Burress

Plaxico Burress(notes) said on Monday that Stevie Johnson apologized to him via text and voicemail. That's nice to hear. Johnson's a 25-year-old guy. Did you make any jokes at the age of 25 that you'd be embarrassed of now?

• Colts: Awwwww, look at Peyton Manning's baby.

• Colts II: There's a Colts fan out there who has worn Colts gear every single day since fifth grade through 12th grade, where he is now. It's not a lifestyle choice that'd be for me, but I guess shopping for clothes only from would be a life simplifier.

• Colts III: Bob Kravitz of has not only penciled Andrew Luck in as a member of the Indianapolis Colts next year, but he's also got him atop the depth chart at quarterback. Sorry, Peyton.

• The whole Detroit Lions organization is under scrutiny for how it's handled Ndamukong Suh and his "dirty" ways. I'm not sure that's fair. Say Suh is dirty. Hell, say every member of the Detroit Lions team is a dirty player. That's still preferable to 20 years of not making the playoffs, right? That culture had to change, and it wasn't going to change with everyone giving each other backrubs at ice cream socials.

Roy Helu(notes) will retain his position as Redskins starting running back.

• Everyone seems to believe the Chargers will be firing Norv Turner at the end of the season. Bolts from the Blue asks, "Why wait?"

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