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• Jerry Jones is talking about using Pacman Jones as a slot receiver this year. The Cowboys are making very big plans for people who aren't yet eligible to play football in 2008.

• Keeping with the West Virginia theme, Randy Moss is creating some controversy back in his home state by wearing a West Virginia jacket to a Celtics game. Moss attended Marshall, and Marshall is, of course, a rival of West Virginia's, in the sense that Marshall dislikes WVU and WVU wishes Marshall would just kind of shut up and go away.

• Once more on former Mountaineers: Chris Henry's hold sold well below its market value. The economic downturn is hurting everyone, it seems.

• Cedric Benson is back in Bears camp, and had the following to say in response to Bears GM Jerry Angelo saying Benson "put himself in position to be the victim."

"He’d have to explain to me how I put myself in a situation to be a victim. I was just enjoying myself, doing my own thing."

• Aaron Rogers may never be Brett Favre, but Brett Favre will never, ever throw a pizza party like Aaron Rogers.

• Free agent running back Ron Dayne is making a visit to the Titans, because they don't have enough mediocre running backs.

• The Fantasy Sports Forum rates, in astounding detail, every offensive line in the league for 2008. Things don't look good for you, Chiefs.

• I hope this means that Jason Street is going to punch Derek Jeter in the face, too.

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