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A word of caution to the centers at the NFL combine: If you're delivering snaps to Darren McFadden, you might want to throw on a few extra layers of Under Armour downstairs. Evidently, that guy impregnates anything he gets near.

From the Falcons Blog at the Atlanta Journal Constitution, via the Sports Frog:

That’s where news got out that Arkansas running back Darren McFadden is not only battling a paternity suit, but that he told a team during an interview Saturday night that he has two children on the way. In addition to meeting with the Falcons, he met with the Raiders, who pick fourth in the draft, and several other teams.
Don't draft him, Falcons. Haven't the women of Atlanta suffered enough?

Other tidbits plucked out of the mostly mind-numbing deluge of information coming out of the combine:

• McFadden also ran a 4.27 and/or a 4.33 (there are conflicting reports) in the 40. This made scouts and talent evaluators feel very tingly inside.

• Michigan running back Mike Hart isn't quite as fast. He turned a stock-killing 4.6 and a 4.75.

• Offensive tackle Jake Long is awesome at everything.

• You've gotta feel for Florida State running back De'Cody Fagg. The poor guy blew out his knee while catching a pass yesterday, and now likely won't be drafted. That's harsh.

• It was revealed that LSU defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey suffered a hairline fracture of his tibia in 2006. He played through it and never missed a game, but teams tend to freak out about these things.

• Tight end Dustin Keller of Purdue stood out among tight ends in most drills.

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