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So, this happened: Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett(notes) took a shower live on UStream to win a $1,000 bet.

I promise I am not making that up. In fact, I promise you, the reader, that I will never, ever make up any stories about defensive linemen bathing live online. That is a solemn vow.

I saw the story on SportsByBrooks a few days ago, but I chose to ignore it. No disrespect to Brooks intended here, but it's just one of those stories that felt weird, icky, and so unusual that it could also possibly be the work of a hacker or prankster. With that in mind, I didn't want to call attention to it and further embarrass Darnell Dockett on the off chance that it wasn't true or wasn't what it seemed.

There's not much point in holding back now, though, since Dockett admitted he did it, and apologized for it.

So yeah, this really happened: Darnell Dockett took a shower, live on the internet, for anyone to watch. Dockett lacks the part of the brain that says to all other non-exhibitionists, "Yes, it's probably a bad idea to bathe freely in front of the general public." If you want to see pictures, I encourage you to visit Brooks.

Here's Dockett, from the Words From the Birds blog at the Cardinals official website:

"I apologize to all the kids and the people who look up to me. I apologized to my team and all the players. I walked past every player individually and apologized."

One hopes he did this while not nude and covered in soap. Anyway, continue, Darnell.

Dockett insisted "you’ll never see me on no news or media like that again, unless it’s for me trying to take someone’s head off (on the football field)."

And head coach Ken Whisenhunt is putting the incident behind him, too.

"Darnell and I talked about it. I think he has handled it well after that. Obviously we weren’t real excited when it came out, but technology is changing every day … and we don’t discourage our players from having interaction with our fans and we think it’s important. But there is always a right way and a wrong way to do it."

I agree. Right way = Interacting with fans, letting them get to know you, being generous with your time and having good-natured fun. Wrong way = Showing them your Ivory-lathered junk. Lesson learned, coach.

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