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After the Redskins won the final game they'll ever play in Texas Stadium, Redskins running back Rock Cartwright pulled a page out of the Terrell Owens playbook and celebrated in the middle of the big blue star at midfield. Cartwright's grand contribution to the Redskins win was three kick returns for 71 yards.

Dallas defensive tackle Tank Johnson didn't care for it, and, says Jason La Canfora of the Redskins Insider, had to be restrained from laying the smackdown on the Rock.

"This is how it is. When you win, you win with class. When you lose, you lose with class," Johnson said. "One of their guys, Cartwright, took it upon himself to celebrate on our star.

"It's the fourth game of the season. No one has accomplished anything but a win. That's just disrespectful and I don't think we'd do that to them. And I'm surprised he did that to us."

Oh. So I assume Tank has had this same talk with Terrell Owens, then?

I guess I agree with Tank that it was sort of a bush league move for Cartwright, of all people, to make a show of celebrating on the big blue star, but I also don't know when the Dallas Cowboys were appointed the arbiters of class. Especially when there's a fellow on their roster who invented the practice in question.

I'm not one who's going to get all worked up about the desecration of a piece of turf with blue paint on it, but I understand that it might mean more to the Cowboys and their fans. From my perspective, the big injustice here is that someone held Tank Johnson back. A post-game brawl would've really brightened my day.

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