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In defense of Fox 5 D.C. news anchor Maureen Umeh, she was technically correct when she suggested it'd have been easier for the Washington Redskins to defeat the New England Patriots if Tom Brady wasn't on the field. Perhaps she took it a bit too far, though, by offering up Brady's untimely demise as the reason for his absence.

Our pals at Mr. Irrelevant had the video:

I'm throwing blame at sports director Dave Feldman on this one. It's a cardinal rule of television: Whenever someone else says something stupid, ignore it. Act like it never happened. How do you think Mike Tirico manages to get through three hours a week in a booth with Ron Jaworski and Jon Gruden?

Feldman could have let it go. Instead, he magnified the gaffe by continuing to talk about it. If he were a football teammate, he'd be Randy Moss.

By the way, newscast faux pas would be improved if each network employed a sound guy to play a sad trombone sound or a record screeching noise whenever an anchor makes a slip. Those always make everything better.

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