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With the enthusiastic response we got to Part I in the Crocs Giveaway (see, the people love their Crocs), it's time for another edition. We've got two more pairs of NFL Mammoth Crocs up for grabs.

This time, I want to know how far you've gone to get tickets for an NFL game, through means that are legal or otherwise. And, similarly to the first contest, you need not be a good person to qualify.

Maybe it's camping out all night in subzero weather ... Maybe, sort of like this guy, you got "I Slept with Gilbert Brown" tattooed on your forehead to win a radio giveaway ... Maybe, Buddy Garrity-style, you used the money you had saved for your kids' college education ... Maybe you were nice to Drew Rosenhaus.

Whatever kind of story you've got, we want to hear it. Reply in the comments with your best stories, and tomorrow afternoon, two winners will be selected, and we'll run the best responses.

Best of luck, and may your feet soon be as comfortable as mine.

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