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He might not be the best kicker in the NFL, but David Buehler(notes) of the Cowboys is probably the best athlete currently kicking in the NFL.

During a radio interview with KESN, Buehler told a story about last year's training camp, where he beat cornerback DeAngelo Smith in a foot race.

"He was talking a bunch of trash, so I just shut him up. I knew I had the speed. It made me a little bit of capital, as well. So, there was a little bit on the line."

Smith, perhaps not coincidentally, is no longer with the Cowboys. He's a Cleveland Brown now, which is probably a better fit for him, since I doubt he'd lose a race to Phil Dawson(notes).

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Buehler's pretty sure he could leave a few of the current Cowboys in the dust, too. From KESN via the Dallas Morning News:

"You know, I think I could [beat Patrick Crayton(notes)]; I think I could. Nothing against Patrick, you know, but I have confidence in my speed, too, so I think I could beat him. (Since Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips has banned 'challenge races') It probably won't happen at practice, or anything like that; it'll just need to be on the side.


"I could beat the linebackers; I think I could beat (Keith) Brooking and Bradie (James) pretty easily. (laughter) Uh, maybe T-Choice (running back, Tashard Choice(notes)), you know. I think I could beat T-Choice."

I say bravo to Buehler, who has to be a hero of the kicking community. For far too long, kickers have been regarded as the dorks and dweebs of the league; the most likely to be hung from a hook in the locker room by the waistband of their tight little briefs.

But now, a hero has emerged, and he can outrun receivers and almost out-bench press defensive linemen. It's about time someone restored some athletic dignity and pride to the kicking community.

Until we all remember that Bill Gramatica tore his ACL while leaping in celebration, anyway.

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