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It's said that everything is bigger in Texas. That will be doubly true when the new Cowboys Stadium opens this September. In addition to seating 100,000 people for special events like the Super Bowl (capacity will be about 80,000 for regular games), the stadium will feature a massive, high-defintion, center-hung video board that measures 160x72 feet (that make the screen 2,100 inches, if you're counting at home).

The video board is like those in basketball and hockey arenas, only on a much bigger scale. It affords spectators in all seats to see the action, something that lacks in other NFL stadiums. Jerry Jones takes you on a tour (for a creepier, more personal version of the tour, check out the Cowboys official stadium Web site. It sounds like a disembodied, artificial version of Jones is talking to you, which I guess pretty accurately duplicates the experience of actually talking to him).

That thing is huge. (That's what she -- never mind.) I never thought I'd say this, but the screen actually might be too big. For some in the stadium, it's going to be easier to watch the game on the screen rather than on the field, which sort of defeats the purpose of attending. Still, that board is awesome.

I'm not sure if it's true that watching the screen from the upper deck is equivalent to viewing the game on a 60-inch TV in your family room (as claimed), but if so Jones really should have splurged on some ottomans and mini-fridges to make the experience complete for all fans. That would make the inevitable pain of seeing Tony Romo flub a snap in 2,100 inches of HD glory easier to stomach.

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