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Court documents revealed yesterday that a lowlife drug dealer admitted to selling some top-shelf marijuana to Tennessee Titans players for about $1,000 an ounce. Or close to an ounce, anyway.

In cross-examination by Williams’ attorney Peter Strianse, Corey Cecil was asked about the transactions, “The people that were sending you those wire transfers were connections that you had made on the streets when you more or less were a hydroponic marijuana dealer to the stars; is that right?”

Cecil asked Strianse what he meant by “To the stars,” and the attorney replied, “Tennessee Titans players, you would set them up with ounce quantities of high-quality hydroponic?”

Cecil then replied, “Yes, sir.”

Cecil also confirmed in questioning that he was “pinching out” seven grams of each ounce and selling it to the players as a full ounce with the Titans players unaware of being shortchanged.

Pinching out of bags like that. Tsk. This guy has a lot to learn about being a respectable member of the community.

No players were named in the court documents -- and I certainly can't think of any that are likely to engage in this sort of behavior -- but this wasn't about nailing buyers.

As it turns out, this dealer, Corey Cecil, had an uncle on the force, and he and another officer would stage fake arrests of Cecil during drug deals, "confiscate" all the money and the drugs, and then allow Cecil to keep his weed, while all the parties involved split up the money.

All three of them were convicted. We'll see if this results in any reports of an increased work ethic in Titans minicamps and training camps.

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