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Clinton Portis(notes) spoke to reporters at Redskins Park on Thursday wearing a Phildelphia Phillies hat, a sartorial choice that would have offended some Washingtonians in any week, let alone in the lead-up to the 'Skins game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night.

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Portis said he felt like wearing red on Thursday and since the Phillies hat matched his hoodie, it was an easy matching choice. He didn't wear a red Nationals hat because "nobody sent me one." 

Reaction amongst Redskins fans on Twitter was rational and levelheaded:

@section428: "Clinton Portis wearing a Phillies hat to #Redskins park? Yeah, his [expletive] can be benched the rest of the season and released come offseason."

@chaddukes: Attention Clinton Portis: If you wear a Phillies had the week you play Philadelphia, you are a [expletive]. I don't care if it matches your shirt.

@DMV_DANYO: Boo this man. 

As both a Redskins and Portis fan, I can say that this didn't bother me in the least. Portis is a guy who used to dress up in wigs, fake noses and oversized sunglasses. I'm going to be bothered by a lone "P" on his hat? Come on. It's not like he wore an Eagles or Cowboys lid.

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Athletes wear hats of franchises based in other cities all the time. A Yankees hat is a staple of LeBron James' wardrobe. Does that mean he doesn't want to beat the Knicks? (No, it just makes him a spineless front-runner.) 

This is a non-story. An amusing non-story, but a non-story nonetheless. Let's focus on the more important issues. Like this one. (Sighs) 

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