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Most fans don't know what they'll do with their Sundays in the event of an NFL lockout. Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson has a plan, though.

I don't know if you can just "join" the United States track team like you can join the local Kiwanis Club, but it's good to have a goal. The guy says he was once clocked running at 28 mph and ran a 4.24 at the NFL combine -- the fastest time ever recorded there.

Obviously, that makes him one of the fastest dudes to ever wear shoes, but there's a difference between track speed and football speed. I'm not saying Johnson doesn't have the raw, natural ability to excel in track, because I'm sure he does.

But it's a different sport with different techniques, and optimizing your body for football doesn't also mean that your body is optimized for track.

Still, the "Chris Johnson vs. Usain Bolt" talk has made the rounds before. ESPN's "Sports Science" once mentioned that Chris Johnson's 40-yard dash was faster than Bolt's first 40 yards in his world-record 100m sprint.

Hopefully, the greed mongers currently trying to work out a new labor deal can get something done, and we never find out if this can happen. If we're locked out, though, at least CK2K has given us something to look forward to.

Gracias, Yardbarker.

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