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Chiefs coach Todd Haley isn’t shaving until the team loses

At the beginning of the month, the Kansas City Chiefs were 0-3, had been outscored by opponents by 92 points and were facing a season without their best offensive and defensive players, who were lost to injury. With a start like that, it's no wonder head coach Todd Haley didn't feel like shaving.

So the third-year coach kept the stubble before Kansas City's fourth game and even brought out a sweat-stained hat he wore during last year's run to an AFC West title. When his team won, Haley kept the beard going. Three weeks later, the defending AFC West champions are riding a three-game winning streak headed into a crucial division matchup with the San Diego Chargers on "Monday Night Football." And Todd Haley still hasn't brought out the razor.

"This thing is getting gnarly," Haley told reporters after the latest win. "It's really uncomfortable."

Haley has said he won't shave until Kansas City loses, a fact which may upset his hair stylist (she commented on it while the coach was getting a haircut last week), but pleases his players.

"We love him, man, that's like our brother," said cornerback Brandon Flowers(notes), who apparently has a brother who also can't grow hair on the jawline.

The Chiefs' turnaround has been nothing short of spectacular, be it because of beards or lucky hats or team-uniting cornhole games. Yet before Haley starts buying flannel and preparing for a season spent like the Brawny man, it's important to note that the Chiefs' three straight wins have come against Minnesota, Indianapolis and Oakland. The former two teams have one victory total. The latter started Kyle Boller(notes) at quarterback and then replaced him with a guy who joined the team six days before.

In other words, don't start buying flannel and preparing for a season spent like the Brawny man quite yet.

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