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Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Barry Richardson(notes) has been a fairly big part of his team's recent successes on offense, but he's not perfect, and his coaches are aware of that fact. Richardson was benched in Kansas City's Nov. 14 loss to the Broncos after giving up a sack-fumble combination to Denver's Mario Haggan(notes) that resulted in a touchdown. And in the Chiefs' series-splitting 10-6 win over Denver, he was remanded to the sideline again; this time after a false start. As we can see, Richardson was not amused by his most recent benching.

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Richardson is subbed out after the false start, and he does not go gently into that good night, yelling at and pushing teammates and sideline staff during a decent-sized tantrum after he tried to go back into the game and is guided off the field. Perhaps he doesn't like the way in which his mistakes seem to have fairly immediate playtime implications, but going gaga on the sideline and taking a swing at special teams coach Steve Hoffman will not help his case with the coaching staff.

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