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Chicago dealership offers free cars if Bears shut out Packers

The Green Bay Packers have the NFL's best scoring offense, averaging 34.3 points per game. It is highly unlikely that they will be shut out on Sunday against the Chicago Bears. It would also be highly unfavorable for a Chicago-area car dealership.

Sawicki Motors in Rochelle, Ill., will give away free cars if the game ends with zeroes on the board for the Packers. Here's how it works: If you buy a new car between now and Friday (and from what I can tell from advertisements during NFL games, roughly 70 percent of American men give women cars as Christmas gifts), and the Bears shut out the Packers, you'll be given a 100 percent rebate on your purchase. They'll do this for the first $1 million worth of vehicles sold through Friday.

Here's more from the Rockford Register Star:

"Bears fans mostly have been laughing about it because the likelihood (of the Bears preventing the Packers from scoring) is not that great," said Ron Matula, sales manager of the dealership that sells new Chevrolet, Cadillac and Buick vehicles as well as used cars. "None of the Packers fans have called me names or swore at me yet. They have just been saying 'it's not going to happen.'"

But could it happen? Actually, chances aren't that bad. It's certainly not likely, but it's perhaps more likely this week than at any other point in the Packers season. Last week, the Chiefs held the Packers scoreless through almost three quarters. Either the Packers had an off week, or they really really miss injured wide receiver Greg Jennings. He'll be out for this game, too. The Packers have also had a rash of injuries at offensive tackle, which is something the Bears are well-equipped to exploit.

There's also always the chance of injury, and it would take only one small injury to one key guy (I'm not going to mention his name, lest I be blamed for jinxing this person if it were to happen) whom the Packers probably wouldn't hesitate to bench if there were any question of further injury.

The Picture above is from the last time the Bears shut out the Packers in 2006. It wasn't all that likely then, either -‒ that was a Brett Favre vs. Rex Grossman matchup in Lambeau. This time around, it'll be Aaron Rodgers vs. Josh McCown, again in Lambeau.

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