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Remember Charles Rogers, perhaps the most notorious of the Detroit Lions wide receiver draft busts? He was drafted second overall in 2003, but is completely out of football now. In fact, he's been out since 2006,  when the Detroit Lions said to him, "No, Mr. Rogers, you are not good enough to be on our team." Again, the Detroit Lions said this to him.

I have no idea what Rogers is doing with his life now, other than being interviewed for an upcoming "Outside the Lines" segment on ESPN. In that interview, conducted by Jemele Hill, Rogers teaches us that smoking marijuana every single day is not conducive to being a world-class athlete. Who knew?

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Wow. When you've degraded your own body to the point that Matt Millen can accurately assess your ability, you know things have gone wrong. And I love how Rogers adds at the end, "I was wrong," as if, you know, there was a chance that it wasn't wrong to be smoking his brains out and popping pills like they were Pez. The man's a walking Afterschool Special.

We won't see the whole interview until August 16th on ESPN, at which point I hope to learn what Rogers plans to do next. Whatever it is, I hope he's kicked the habits and finds some success.

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