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An amusing little note comes out of Buffalo Bills training camp Tuesday. A group of fans at a Bills practice were heckling Trent Edwards(notes) and some other Bills players. Head coach Chan Gailey overheard it, and then let those fans know, in no uncertain terms, that they wouldn't be getting autographs after practice.

"HEY! You see this group of guys that you loathe and ridicule? YOU CAN'T HAVE THEIR AUTOGRAPH!"

From the Associated Press:

[Immediately after practice ended Tuesday morning, Gailey] marched over to a group of teenagers in the stands and told them what he thought about their heckling. "If you dog one of us, you dog all of us.” [...]

Gailey had another message for them, too: He said he’d instructed his players to skip that section of the stands for signing autographs.

Really, I can't get too worked up about either side here. Random fans spewing vitriol at someone as they try to do their job -- not that I'd know anything about that -- isn't a very nice thing to do, so I can't blame coach Gailey if he doesn't like it. His players probably appreciate the "all for one, one for all" attitude, too.

[Photos: See Bills quarterback Trent Edwards in action]

At the same time, fans are fans, and as long as fans exist -- which, by the way, will be the exact same amount of time that professional sports exist -- you're going to have some hecklers. It comes with the territory of being a professional athlete. And it's not like the Buffalo Bills fans of the world don't have a reason to be a little frustrated.

It happened, and we'll all move on. All we can do is hope that these young ruffians learned a valuable lesson through the withholding of a Trent Edwards autograph.

See Bills' rookie CJ Spiller's(notes) electric touchdown run:

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