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Last week Chad Ochocinco(notes) said he was going to do a Lambeau Leap if he scored a touchdown in Green Bay. Technically, he fulfilled that promise today. 

After catching the go-ahead touchdown late in the third quarter, the former Mr. Johnson jumped into the arms of front-row attendees at Lambeau Field, but only after he found a pocket of Cincinnati fans in the stands. Let's call it a Bengal Bound.

Packers fans were in the vicinity, of course, and they greeted Ochocinco by pushing him down and giving him the ol' one-fingered salute (as you can see in this clip of the celebration). Because of the bird-flipping, FOX refused to show a replay of the celebration later. (Tasteless advertisements for the unfunny "Family Guy" are OK though, I guess.)

Ochocinco isn't the first opponent to mimic the Packers' famed touchdown celebration. Then-Minnesota Vikings cornerback Fred Smoot(notes) did the leap after returning a Brett Favre(notes) interception for a TD.

Even though planned touchdown celebrations are strictly forbidden in the NFL, the Packers get a special exemption for the leap, which is why Ochocinco wasn't penalized. He had been worried earlier in the week about whether he'd disrespect the tradition by doing his own Lambeau Leap, but those worries appear to have been assuaged by his plan to jump into Bengals fans. What Ochocinco didn't realize is that it's impossible to be disrespectful to something so contrived.

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