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Much like everyone else who saw Chad Ochocinco play in 2008, Solomon Wilcots has been critical of the braggadocious receiver. I'm not sure what it was specifically that made Chad angry, but whatever it was, it was enough to warrant these 140 characters of fightin' words from Chad:

They always find a way to say something negative no matter how focused i am, damn Solomon Wilcox, i want to fight him now, somebody set itup

Putting aside the irony of "I'm so focused that I'd like to fight an NFL Network personality" for a second, I'm sure Chad was kidding and doesn't really want to punch Solomon Wilcots in the face. Wilcots did his part, though, and responded like Don King was promoting the thing.

"Chad has dropped more balls than Jay-Z has dropped albums. But we certainly can get in the ring. I'm lovin' this. I'm lovin' it. ... You can get in a training ring for, what, two months, and now he think he's the heavyweight champ. Let's do it, brah! Let's do it. Ya better ask somebody, Chad."

So we've got all the pre-fight trash talk and bluster. But Wilcots also penned a long blog post detailing his criticisms of Ochocinco and explaining that he's really trying to help him. Lengthy and thoughtful blog posts are not something that usually precede a brawl.

I enjoy the trash talk. That's what June is for. I'd enjoy it a little more if there was any possibility of a fight happening, but that's OK. Pretend fighting is fun, too.

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