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Showing a versatility that he's never before displayed on the field, Cedric Benson proved this weekend that he's just as capable of being arrested on land as he is at sea. Police hit him with a DUI.

It was about a month ago that Benson was arrested on his boat. Police alleged that he was drunk and combative during the arrest, but Benson maintained that he didn't do anything wrong and was guilty of mistreatment by the Austin police. It wasn't at all difficult to believe Benson's side of the story.

This time around, police say that Benson's car crossed three lanes, he failed to signal, and a pedestrian had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit by the BMW.

Benson's lawyer says that his client had two or three alcoholic drinks at a "late dinner" with his girlfriend (about 3 a.m.) and performed well on the field sobriety tests. Benson even sent a text to a Chicago reporter that read, "I ACED THE FIELD TEST, CHECK THE VIDEO."

But with this new arrest, it becomes a little more difficult to believe Benson's side of the story.

And even if he is telling the truth, with this one, he's at least guilty of putting himself in a bad position. He's back in Austin, where, if you believe Benson, the police have it in for him. And in this city where he's a target for police, he's admitted that he had at least one drink and then got behind the wheel of a car. Why? Why put yourself in that position? Call a cab, man.

And what's with the smile in the mug shot? I realize that by now, Cedric's probably making friends at the Austin police station, given the frequency of his visits. I'm sure that as he's led into the booking station, he's walking through and saying, "Ed, what's up, my man? Sue, how are kids? Did little Jimmy do alright on that math test? Jerome, nice to see you. Thanks for keeping that holding cell clean for me."

But stop smiling. Really. Act like you realize that this is not a good thing for the career and life of Cedric Benson.

The Bears have an OTA scheduled for today. If Benson can find his way to it without being arrested, it very well could be his last one with the Bears.

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