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Generally speaking, players would prefer to learn about trades that affect them from their actual team — that way, the team can do whatever damage control is necessary and assure the player in question that he's still a crucial part of their plans. The truth may be altogether different, but damage control isn't always about the truth.

What current (soon-to-be-former?) Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell(notes) now knows is that his team didn't think enough of him to let him know when they dropped the hammer on the Donovan McNabb(notes) trade. Campbell, who's been Washington's primary quarterback since 2007, found out about the trade when he got a phone call from John Keim of the Washington Examiner just after the deal was consummated.

Me: Did you hear about what happened?

Jason: What?

Me: The Redskins traded for Donovan.

Jason: Really? Ummm ... I didn't know that, man.

Me: I'm sorry I had to be the one who told you. I can't believe they didn't tell you.

Jason: No, that's the first I heard of it. ... I'd better go call my agent.

When I called back later, it went to voice mail. His mailbox was full.

Campbell has a first-round tender on his head that he hasn't signed, and that the Redskins will most likely rescind. According to ESPN 980, several teams are interested in Campbell's services — the Bills, Raiders, Panthers and Jaguars (plus an "unknown team") are reportedly in line to make offers.

Though his performance in Washington was far from elite, it's also fair to say that Campbell never got a fair shot. He dealt with different offensive coordinators and a declining offense as the Dan Snyder/Vinny Cerrato "brain trust" mowed the offense down with a series of questionable moves. A new start would be best for all involved, and Campbell will most likely get it.

At this point, he's probably just hoping that when he is traded, he won't have to hear about it first from a reporter.

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