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Cam Newton’s rookie season has gone from great to historic

After a seven-yard-completion to Brandon LaFell in the first quarter, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has now thrown for more yards as a rookie than anyone else in NFL history. The previous record-holder went on to have a pretty good career. His name is Peyton Manning.

Newton, with still three quarters left to play in the game against the Bucs, isn't done. He'll have another shot next week, too, so it's likely that the rookie record for passing yards will be set at over 4,000 yards, which is a pretty good number if you're a rookie or a 10-time All Pro.

Obviously, there's every reason to believe that Cam Newton will have a great career, but it's not necessarily ensured by a great rookie season. Fellows named Dennis Shaw and Greg Cook also had great seasons as rookie quarterbacks, and I doubt many of you are asking for Greg Cook throwback jerseys for Christmas.

Of course, those guys weren't 6'5", 250 lbs. and blessed with cannons for arms, either.

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