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Brian Urlacher is a little disappointed in the Chicago defenseIf you watched Monday  night's game, you probably don't blame the Chicago Bears defense for the loss. Maybe they didn't dominate, but anything else that happened on the Chicago side of the ball was overshadowed by the group of rusty turnstiles that the Bears call their offensive line.

Brian Urlacher(notes) doesn't see it that way. He's blaming the Bears defense, and he's not doing so in polite terms, either. From Jeff Dickerson at

"We're playing like [expletive], that's what's going on," Urlacher said following the Bears' 24-13 loss to the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on Monday night. "We're not playing good. We're not disciplined. We're not into our gaps. We're not physical. I don't know how many yards that kid had. He probably didn't even have 10 carries." [...]

"Defensively, we stink. We stop the run, [then] we can't stop the pass. We stop the pass, [then] we can't stop the run. We're just all over the place."

Giving up 163 yards to Jahvid Best(notes) isn't good, but the Bears actually held Detroit to its lowest point total of the season. The Buccaneers, Chiefs, Vikings and Cowboys (none of those defenses have "SportsCentury" features in their future, I grant you) all failed to keep the Lions to 24 points or less. The Bears actually did.

I give Urlacher a lot of credit for taking responsibility and pointing the finger at his own unit, but if we're looking to blame anyone, it's not the defense. Jay Cutler(notes) was beaten like a piñata in front of an offensive line that also committed nine false start penalties. When the Lions send only four rushers at Cutler (which was most of the night), it looked like they sent eight. If they sent five or six, Cutler might as well have just balled up in the fetal position.

The fact is that if the Bears had held Detroit to 14 points -- which would take a superhuman effort from pretty much anyone -- they still wouldn't have won. Respect to Urlacher for not pointing fingers, but if he wanted to, he could.

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