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It really hasn't been a great week for America's Quarterback, one Brett Lorenzo Favre. Between the Jenn Sterger/massage therapist allegations, Deadspin photos/voicemails and his sub-par performance against the New York Jets in a "Monday Night Football" loss, Favre has endured one headache after another. Not to mention the idea of losing up to $100 million in endorsements, and the elbow tendinitis that kept him from practicing on Wednesday. And it's probably pretty cold in the Favre home these days.

During that Minnesota Vikings Wednesday practice, Favre the observer experienced pain in a rather more sensitive area. Here is both insult and injury:

Oh, dear. Some of the more evil-spirited among you might suggest that this was an outstanding example of karma at work, but any guy reading this would most likely agree: There are certain places you just ... don't ... go. No matter what the offense may be.

Walk it off, Brett. The 1-3 Cowboys await, and they're just as desperate for a win as your 1-3 Vikings are. In the meantime, let caution be your guide -- in all matters.

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