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With Christmas just days away now, Santa Claus is running out of time to make final alterations to his Naughty and Nice lists. I'm going to go see him at the mall later today, and when I do, I'm going to recommend that he puts Terrell Owens(notes) on his Nice list, and Brett Favre(notes) on the Naughty list.

Why? Because Terrell Owens is the better teammate.

Maybe Owens hasn't produced as much as everyone would like this year in Buffalo, but we can say this for him: He hasn't caused any public scenes. He has not been a distraction. He has not willfully disobeyed a coach's order to come out of a game. He has not put himself above the team.

Brett Favre can't say that.

I'm sorry, but it is not okay to say to your coach, "No, I'm not coming out of the game." Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress tried to bench Favre in the game against the Panthers, but Favre refused, and it's not the first time that's happened this year.

That is not acceptable behavior for a player, and if this was done by Terrell Owens or Randy Moss(notes), everyone would be screaming about how they should be deactivated, released, suspended, fined or banished from the league all together.

Look at the beating Moss has taken in the media over the past couple of weeks, and he didn't do anything nearly this bad. Favre pretty much looked his coach in the eye and said, "Your opinion doesn't matter, I'm calling the shots here, and I'm going to do what I want."

If you don't like the Moss example, contrast Favre with Peyton Manning(notes), who told the world after the Thursday night game against Jacksonville, that yes, he wanted to keep playing through Week 17, but that it's the coach's decision and that he would happily do whatever his coach told him to do. Manning's a better player than Favre, but you don't see him disrespecting his head coach. You don't see him calling his own shots.

Of course, Childress takes a lot of the blame here, too, but that's a whole separate issue. If he really wants to bench Favre, that should be the end of it. Take his helmet away if you have to. Childress also created at atmosphere where Favre probably does think he's above the coach, he can do what he wants, and that he answers to no one.

Whether or not he's a bad coach is an issue for another time, but the issue of Brett Favre being a bad teammate seems pretty cut and dried right now. The coach is in charge, and you do what he says. It's that simple, and it's the same from Pop Warner leagues up through the NFL. Favre should be ashamed of himself.

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