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Don't put too much stock into Tuesday's reports that Brett Favre is retiring, advises senior writer Pat Kirwan. In an interview with Lauren Shehadi of, Kirwan theorizes that Favre's supposed reluctance to return to the Vikings is all about one thing: money.

"To me, this is about money. You know, he's got one year left on his deal, it's a $13 million unguaranteed contract. I think he's seen Mr. [Sam] Bradford get $50 million guaranteed [from the Rams], and I think he knows how he plays. I would say if the Vikings get involved with a multi-year deal, and put some money on the table, you'll see this thing go away.

"So I'm not expecting him to retire, and I'm going to stick to that. For all the people that claimed he was going to retire, 10, 12, 13 times in his career, they were all wrong. I'll stick with the idea that he's going to play this year. I wrote a piece about it. In my mind, he'll be there about August 23rd, get a couple snaps in the third preseason game and move on.

"Until you hear Brett Favre(notes) stand at a podium and say it, I don't think you should be paying much attention to what's going on."

Personally, I'm not going to put much stock in it even if Brett Favre does stand at a podium and say it. A lot of you seem to agree with me, too.

It's an interesting theory from Kirwan, and it does make sense. After everything that happened Tuesday, why stand on a practice field Wednesday morning and say not a word to reporters? Why not clear something up?

Well, if the reason you might not return to the Vikings was money, and you know that if that got out, it might hurt your reputation as the simple, gunslinging, having-fun-out-there, good ol' boy who needs only a pair of Wranglers and a huntin' buddy to enjoy life, then you might want to keep quiet about it. From a public relations standpoint, silence would be the right move.

Of course, like everything else with Favre, everything here is just speculation. I will say, though, that if there's any writer you can trust, it's probably Pat Kirwan. He's a smart guy, he's not in it to break scoops  like a Chris Mortensen or a Jay Glazer, and he's not one to throw out irresponsible theories unless he has a reason to believe it's valid.

Oh well. Draw your own conclusions. Stay tuned for Shutdown Corner for further Brett Favre absurdity.

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