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In a desperate ploy to defuse his ongoing East Coast-Canadian coast beef with Justin Bieber, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady(notes) has tried to deflect attention away from his own Bieber-fever hairstyle by claiming teammate Julian Edelman(notes) is the one whose hair most resembles the teen pop sensation's.

Brady told Boston Herald reporter Ian Rapoport that Edelman's flowing mane and almost-in-the-eyes bangs are more Bieber-esque than his own messy mop. Because of Brady's smear campaign against him, Edelman has decided to distance himself from Bieber by growing a beard, wearing a wool cap and not having 5.8 million followers on Twitter.

We think Brady is way off here, by the way. Edelman looks more like a college lax brah or a roadie for Led Zeppelin circa 1974 rather than the 16-year-old who sings "Eenie Meenie."  

Edelman was a seventh-round pick for the Patriots in 2009. He has four catches this season and serves as an occasional punt returner for the team. The wide receiver has missed two games this year because of injury. In August, Justin Bieber cancelled a concert because of injury. Coincidence? Tom Brady and I think not.

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