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And frankly, I don't disagree with him. That's where I'm at with the whole Tim Tebow(notes) thing right now. If he says he controls the weather, then he controls the weather. I don't know why he insists that it rain on me today, but I'm through questioning Tim Tebow about anything.

Tell us about it, Dr. Cosby.

Indeed. Go Temple. Beat Wyoming.

One more note to Tim Tebow: It's OK to emulate Joe Kapp on the field, but there should be strong limits to imitating him off the field. For example, when you get old, please don't go around beating up other old men at CFL banquets. If you aren't familiar with the work of Joe Kapp, here's a look:

Bill Cosby knows what he's talking about, too. Look at what he did with young Rudy Huxtable. I believe everyone on that defense now starts for the St. Louis Rams.

Gracias, Larry Brown Sports.

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