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That big tub of handsome pictured to your right, Tom Brady(notes), will be beautifying newsstands next week by appearing on the cover of "Details" magazine. The cover story on Brady is available for your reading pleasure right here, and if you've got a few spare minutes, it's a recommended preseason read.

The focus is mostly on Brady's life off the field, with his perspective on life, modeling (he says it's harder than football) and the idea that he's gone soft. But he also opens up a bit about Bill Belichick and what it's like to be his quarterback.

"You'll practice on a Wednesday, and you'll come in Thursday morning and he'll have the film up there from practice," Brady says. "Sometimes, during practice, you throw a bad ball—that's the way it goes. But the video comes up and he says, 'Brady, you can't complete a g--damn hitch.' And I'll be sitting there thinking, I'm a [expletive] nine-year veteran, I've won three ---damn Super Bowls — he can kiss my... That's what you're thinking on the inside. But on the outside I'm thinking, You know what? I'm glad he's saying that. I'm glad that's what he's expecting, you know? Because that's what I should be expecting. That's what his style is."

I wonder how Belichick even says something like that with a straight face. Obviously, he loves Brady, and someday when Belichick is wearing a goofy yellow blazer and accepting induction into the Hall of Fame, Tom Brady is going to be at the top of the list of people he needs to thank.

As a motivational ploy, though, it evidently works. Brady and Belichick, as the three Super Bowl rings suggest, work pretty well together. The "be tough on them when things are going well, but ease off when things aren't going so well" approach is favored by a lot of coaches.

Elsewhere in the feature, Brady opens up similarly about a lot of things. Rarely does he gets as candid as he is in this story, especially when it comes to his wife and child. 

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