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The Chicago Bears defense put the wood to the Dallas Cowboys yesterday, intercepting Tony Romo(notes) twice and delivering some face-breaking hits in the secondary.

But what's hurting the Cowboys the most right now could be their pride. Via Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times, Bears defensive back D.J. Moore(notes) said after the game that the Cowboys receivers were afraid out there.

According to Moore, the Cowboys turned into 'fraidy cats after this play.

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Arms proceeded to get shorter. Said Moore:

''After that, they were looking up. They didn't even want to catch the ball.''

He called out Jason Witten(notes) specifically, too, citing an interception that came on a pass that Romo threw a bit behind Witten.

''The second one, he was pretty much just scared to get hit,'' Moore said. ''He short-handed it like he was just about to get hit.''

Linebacker Lance Briggs(notes) agreed.

''If [they're] going to catch the ball, make them pay. On some plays, you can see that came into play."

I wrote in this week's Jump to Conclusions Mat that the Cowboys either lacked mental toughness, or they've just had a few mistakes and some bad luck from which they can recover. I was leaning towards the latter. The comments from Moore and Briggs, though, seem to add a little evidence for the former.

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