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According to Pro Football Talk, Chad Johnson had plans this past Sunday, had he scored a touchdown, to waive a Barack Obama banner that he had hidden in the endzone in Reliant Stadium.

Thankfully for the Obama campaign, not every Obama message requires a Chad Johnson touchdown before being displayed. If that were the case, Obama would be looking at Bob Barr-like poll numbers.

But Ocho Cinco, as has been his custom this year, ended up not getting in the endzone, as the Bengals were pounded 35-6 by the Texans.

It's probably just as well, as Texas is a Republican stronghold, and I don't know if Chad's actions there would've made a dent. Someone might have made a dent in him, though, as unfurling an Obama banner might've caused a few objects to be hurled at Chad's face.

And back in Ohio, I don't know if Chad carries the kind of credibility that Obama's looking for in his endorsers. Perhaps if the Bengals weren't 0-8 and Chad weren't 39th in the league in receiving yards, things would be different. But I don't know if there's anyone in Ohio with a lower approval rating than Chad Johnson right now.

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