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If it hadn't happened in my lifetime, I'm not sure I'd have believed that any NFL coach ever took out a bounty on an opposing kicker. For heaven's sake, why? It's like offering Randy Couture money to beat the hell out of Gary Coleman. There's just no reason for it.

But it happened. Buddy Ryan did it.

I can't imagine what the hell did Luis Zendejas ever did to Buddy Ryan, but for some reason, the legend goes that Buddy was willing to pay a player $200 to take out Luis Zendejas, and another $500 to anyone who took out Troy Aikman.

Aikman at least makes sense. He's a quarterback. You get the starting quarterback out of the game, and you're probably going to win (although, in 1989, the mere fact that the Cowboys were on your schedule was a pretty good indication that you were going to win).

In the rematch back in Philadelphia two weeks later, it had snowed heavily prior to the game, and stadium crews opted to leave the snow in place. I don't know if they meant the snow to be a source of easy and convenient projectiles, but that's what it turned into. Referees, Cowboys players, and Jimmy Johnson were pelted with snowballs. After the game, Johnson called the Philadelphia fans "thugs." No one seemed too terribly offended.

Ah, Buddy Ryan. They don't make 'em like him anymore. Thankfully.

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