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For giggles, I compiled draft grades from five major outlets out there, averaged them for every team and came up with your draft's biggest consensus winners and losers.

There really weren't many teams that were either consistently high or consistently low, which suggests to me that most draft graders are reluctant to go out on a limb with a really high grade or a really low grade. It's easier to stick a team with an average grade and move on, which makes sense, because no one really has any idea how things are going to play out in five years.

The Patriots, Jets, and Giants were the only teams able to carry an A average, so congratulations to them. The only three teams under a 75% were the Bucs, Cowboys, and Raiders.

I went with a basic grading scale that is as follows: A+ a 98, A is a 95, A- is a 92, B+ is an 88, B is an 85, B- is an 82, C+ is a 78, C is a 75, C- is a 72, D+ is a 68, D is a 65, D- is a 62, and an F, we'll call a 55. Then I average them all and came up with a final grade for everybody. See how your team did.

  Yahoo [A/N] Kiper USA Today Fox Sports NBC Sports Average
AFC East    
Miami Dolphins C C- C B- B 78%, C+
New England Patriots A B+ A- B+ A- 91%, A-
New York Jets A- A- B- A A- 91%, A-
Buffalo Bills C- B+ A- B C 82%, B-
AFC North    
Pittsburgh Steelers C+ B B- C B+ 82%, B-
Baltimore Ravens A B B- B- A- 88%, B+
Cincinnati Bengals B- B B A B- 86%, B
Cleveland Browns C+ B- B C A- 82%, B-
AFC South    
Tennessee Titans B C+ B C B- 81%, B-
Indianapolis Colts B C+ C- B- A- 82%, B-
Houston Texans B+ B+ C+ A C+ 85%, B
Jacksonville Jaguars A- C+ C+ B+ A- 86%, B
AFC West    
San Diego Chargers B C+ C- B- B+ 81%, B
Denver Broncos D C B- B B+ 79%, C+
Oakland Raiders F D F C- D 62%, D-
Kansas City Chiefs A- C- C B- B+ 82%, B
NFC East    
New York Giants B B A B A+ 90%, A-
Philadelphia Eagles B- B- A A B 88%, B+
Dallas Cowboys C+ D D+ C D 70%, C-
Washington Redskins C+ C+ C C B 78%, C+
NFC North    
Minnesota Vikings C C+ C+ C A- 80%, B-
Chicago Bears B B B- B- B+ 84%, B
Green Bay Packers A A B+ C B- 87%, B+
Detroit Lions B+ B- C+ A C 84%, B
NFC South    
Carolina Panthers C C C B- D+ 75%, C
Atlanta Falcons B+ B B B+ C- 84%, B
Tampa Bay Buccaneers C- B D+ D C+ 73%, C-
New Orleans Saints B C C- C C- 76%, C
NFC West            
Arizona Cardinals B+ B+ B B B 86%, B
San Francisco 49ers B- B+ C- B- C 80%, B-
Seattle Seahawks B B B B- C- 82%, B-
St. Louis Rams B C C B C 79%, C+

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