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The Atlanta Falcons and Chicago Bears are definite threats to advance to the Super Bowl, but neither team would be considered one of the top three favorites in the NFC. But that hasn't dampened the championship dreams of fans in those cities at all. According to the Yahoo! Buzz Index, searches for "Super Bowl 2010" were hottest this weekend in those two cities, an indication that fans are bullish on the title chances of their hometown teams.

Falcons fans were no doubt feeling the excitement after their team throttled the NFC West-leading San Franciso 49ers. On the other hand, the Bears had a bye this week leading search experts (OK, me) to speculate the fans were just bored without any football to watch.

Interestingly, the city with the third-most Super Bowl buzz at the start of the week was one without an NFL team, Los Angeles. One way of looking at that piece of information would be to say that LA is craving NFL football. Another thought is that Angelinos are fine without it and that the search is from a combination of transplanted fans looking for information on their favorite teams. Or maybe Snoop Dogg thought "Super Bowl 2010" was something that would benefit his extracurricular activities.

Dallas-Fort Worth had the most Super Bowl buzz on Sunday based on the Cowboys last second win against a team that has lost 28 of its past 30 games. Presumably, fans were searching for the phrase to see which Super Bowl locale they wouldn't be traveling to again this year.

Chicago was one of two cities to appear on the buzz chart for both Sunday and Monday. The other, remarkably, was Washington D.C., home of the inept Redskins. This can probably be explained by one of two factors: Transplanted fans of other NFL teams who moved to D.C. and Redskins fans mistakenly trying to search for "Super Bowl 2020".

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