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That's a little bit of a shocking headline, no? The report comes from's Chiefs beat reporter Adam Teicher, and he reports in his video blog that head coach Todd Haley is more than a little disenchanted with Bowe right now, and he's pulled him from the starting lineup.

"Todd Haley took Bowe out of the starting line-up at practice Monday, and afterwards, Haley indicated that he's just not happy that Bowe's with the program. Now, Todd Haley's tried to instill some discipline and conditioning to the Chiefs, and he just doesn't think that Bowe is with the program right now, and therefore, he's not in the starting line-up."

Wow. Since Bowe is regarded as one of the future stars in the league, and the Kansas City wide receiver depth chart is not overflowing with talent, that's a bold move.

Of course, Teicher also expresses confidence that Bowe will be back in the starting lineup before Week 1. And yeah, it's hard to envision any scenario where that doesn't happen.

Still, that doesn't mean that there's nothing to take away from this. First, it could be an indication that maybe Bowe isn't going to have the huge year that many people expected him to have with Matt Cassel(notes) under center. And secondly, it's yet another sign that Todd Haley is not afraid to lay down the law. That certainly can't hurt.

Many thanks, The Huddle.

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