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Are you ready for a two-hour documentary on Bill Belichick?Bill Belichick has conducted just about every press conference and interview in his career as if it was a contest to see how little information he could actually divulge.

I don't say that as a bad thing -- if you're a coach, and you think you're outsmarting everyone else, then why give up anything? It does make it surprising, though, that he agreed not only to be the subject of a two-hour documentary on the NFL Network, but to also be wired up and filmed for the entire 2009 NFL season. I guess the guy just loves the idea of videotaping everything.

Tell us more about it, Steve Sabol of NFL Films.

"Bill Belichick doesn't only make history — he studies it; he understands his place in it; and he appreciates our desire to capture it. Like Vince Lombardi's Packers in 1967, Belichick and the Patriots gave us access to his football life and what we created is a portrait of the coach, the father, the taskmaster — and most importantly — the man."

I'm in. I find the man to be an interesting figure, partially because he is so guarded about himself and his methods. He's obviously a very smart man, and whether people like him or not, pretty much everyone would love to have him coaching their team (though I doubt Jets fans would admit it).

Part 1 airs on Sept. 15, and Part 2 a week later on Sept. 22.

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