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Pretty soon, it's going to be easier to count the famous blonde women Tony Romo(notes) hasn't dated. His newest squeeze is said to be Candice Crawford, 2008's Miss Missouri, local Dallas sports reporter, sister of Chace Crawford (star of "Gossip Girl"), and contributor at

You may notice a resemblance to former Romo squeeze Carrie Underwood. You may also notice that Crawford, Underwood, and Jessica Simpson, are all beautiful women with long, blonde hair. Romo appears to have a "type." Of course, I don't think there's any shortage of men out there who also like beautiful blonde women.

To my knowledge, Romo hasn't said anything publicly about dating Crawford, and that would seem to mesh with his aims to be less of a celebrity and more of a football player in 2009. But you can't expect the guy to just stop dating famous blonde women, cold turkey. He went from Simpson, who's really famous, now to Crawford, who is less famous, and in a year or two, maybe he can start dating someone who doesn't have her own Wikipedia page.

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