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The question of the morning seems to be this: With all the partying that the Saints are doing (and the partying continues at a very high level), is there a chance it could affect their chances of repeating in 2010/2011?

It's an issue because Peter King asked the question in his Monday Morning Quarterback column. Some think it's a ridiculous question. It might be. But from mid-February to August, ridiculous questions are about all we have, so let's get into it.

Unless the Saints start canceling mini camps because they interfere with Happy Hour at Coops, or they hire a French Quarter prostitute to run their draft, because they'll all still be passed out drunk, then I don't think the partying turns into a problem.

The early '90s Cowboys won back-to-back Super Bowls, and I'm pretty sure they attended their fair share of parties. They may have had a drink or two. Every team that's ever won the thing has gone nuts with it. It happens.

Don't get me wrong: It is going to be extremely, extremely difficult for the Saints to repeat, but it won't have anything to do with how many beads they throw or interviews they do. It'll be hard to repeat because it's hard to repeat.

Everyone is gunning for the champ. The NFL is built for parity, and there are plenty of other good teams out there. It's almost impossible to replicate the same circumstances that won you that first title. It's difficult to come back with the same hunger and the same drive. Making it even harder this year in particular is the fact that the Saints can't go out and attack the free agent market to make themselves better.

Go ahead and keep the champagne flowing, gentlemen. It's going to be borderline impossible to repeat anyway, so you might as well enjoy yourselves. If you need a recommendation on a French Quarter prostitute to run the draft for you, I'll start doing research immediately.

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