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I didn't catch ESPN's First Take this morning, but, as he's ashamed to admit, Skin Patrol over at Hogs Haven did. And what he saw was a conversation between Redskins receiver Antwaan Randle-El and Lynn Rogers, Ph.D. and some kind of a bear expert, about what would happen if Antwaan Randle-El took a ball at the goal line with a bear at the 50, and Randle-El tried to take it to the house.

Just about everything I know about bears, I learned in Grizzly Man, and that didn't work out too well for Timothy Treadwell. However, the bear had the homefield advantage in that one, Treadwell was trying to protect someone else, and I don't think he was quite the athlete that Randle-El is. Also, Randle-El appears to have a much firmer grasp on reality and a healthy fear of bears.

I like 'Twaan's chances here. I know what the bear expert says, but a professional athlete can change directions with such blinding quickness. A regular dude off of the street is probably going to be picked out of the bear's teeth. But Randle-El is paid so handsomely because athletically, he's ridiculously superior to the average dude on the street.

Randle-El says near the end that he's glad that this would never happen, but I'd like to ask everyone involved to keep the scenario in mind, just in case there is a work stoppage in 2011. I really think I could be happy watching 17 weeks of kick returners vs. bears.

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