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Chicago Bears Anthony Adams(notes) and Matt Spaeth(notes) stopped by the University of Chicago's Comer Children's Hospital on Monday to cheer up some of the sickest and smallest patients. The pair visited with several children, played video games, and even wore masks to visit with a young fan decked out in a Bears jersey.

One patient happened to be a Packers fan, prompting Adams, a known jokester, to leave this message on the child's dry erase board:

Anthony Adams leaves a special message for sick Packers fan

The Packers beating the Bears three times in the 2011 calendar year could be why the patient is a Packer fan, but would you bring that up when the 300-pound defensive tackle is in the room? Me neither. Hopefully, Adams brought the same laugh to this patient's room as he does to the Bears' locker room when he breaks out the "fat man dance."

Thanks to the Chicagoist.

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