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Not content to just have a screaming match with the offensive coordinator on the sidelines (which landed him on our list of five least valuable people of Championship Sunday), Anquan Boldin carried his hissy-fit to the Arizona Cardinals postgame celebration, too.

While most of the other Cardinals were still on the field being showered in confetti and picking up their NFC Championship trophy, Boldin had already bolted out of the locker room. The behavior prompted CBS's Mike Freeman to call him a naughty word.

He tried to ruin the Super Bowl celebration with his childishness.

In the game, Boldin got into a heated argument with offensive coordinator Todd Haley. After the game, instead of celebrating with his team, Boldin abruptly left the field, then abruptly left the locker room.

It was awful behavior.

[...] I have to say in nearly 20 years of doing this, I've never seen a player more concerned about his arguing with a coach over making a Super Bowl.

I just wonder if Boldin isn't costing himself some money here, too. He doesn't want to be a Cardinal anymore. I think he's made that pretty clear. But who's going to want to give a guy a huge contract when he's fighting with a coach when he should probably be happy about going to a Super Bowl?

Presumably, he's worried about his touches. Meanwhile, the team is going to the Super Bowl. Obviously, Boldin's placing a lot more importance on the former than the latter. Teams are on a character kick these days. It doesn't pay to be a selfish malcontent.

It's disappointing to see from Boldin. He showed such unbelievable selflessness and courage by coming back from a catastrophic injury earlier in the season. Maybe there's more to the story than I know, but looking at at it from the outside, I wouldn't have expected this from Boldin.

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